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    CTEK 250 + smartpass or Sergent (with 250?)

    Used like that, the Smartpass may be ok, but if you do find you have smart alternator then bear in mind that Smartpass part of the CTEK package will only deliver at alternator voltage. It won't boost like the D250SA will. So if your smart alternator drops to 12-13v when it thinks the starter...
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    SatNav.... which one to choose.

    As a late addition, I use the OpenStreetMap OSM App on the smartphone. Works entirely offline if you download the maps first, includes the UK, Europe and more (anywhere OSM has a map of), route calculation, voice guidance, POI's, lets you record photo, video or voice notes at any location...
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    DVLA :- Diesel, Gas or Electric

    Haven't gone through the re-registration process yet so can't speak from experience but agree entirely with most of the replies here. From what I've gleaned, this DVLA advice would actually be much more likely to confuse the person doing the assessment and delay your application. The simpler...
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    Underslung spare wheel security

    On newer Renault Masters the winch access is inside the barn door seal, so the door would have to be open to access it. Easy enough to steal though by simply cutting the wire and letting the wheel drop free.
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    Hoping to find a renault master SM33!

    It's true that Renault's can be very hard to find, especially when being quite specific about the layout and size. However as long as you're in no hurry and constantly watching, you should pick one up sooner or later. Widening the scope to Sevel vans should help. Pardon my English.
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    Solar fixings and spoiler

    Thanks for posting that photo Phil. I see your side door is like mine, with that slight gap at the top. I had been worrying about this (although having pressure tested with water, the seal seems good) but just assumed most vans had the same slight SLD drop. Having seen yours I feel reassured :)...
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    Solar fixings and spoiler

    That's not been my experience and actually I found them to be very helpful even in that instance. It may depend who you talk to :)
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    PC problem

    Unfamiliar with Win 7, sorry. Standard things you could check though: Is it just the internet, or the whole PC that's slow on the Windows side? Anything installed in the last few months that may be responsible? Check your diskspace. Windows needs plenty of free space else it will clog up as...
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    SPRAY FOAM INSULATION From 'One Insulation'

    Can't help with Wales, sorry. The risk of panel distortion seems to be mainly where the outside skin meets the ribs as spraying too much foam into those enclosed spaces can cause a pressure build up. You should be okay with professional sprayers with a track record but if it's bothering you...
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    SPRAY FOAM INSULATION From 'One Insulation'

    Haven't done this yet but this is how I understand it: Around 25mm or 1" I think. That's approximate of course as the thickness varies due to the nature of sprayed on foam. Adam at MPI for example reckons 25-30mm on average. You can go thicker though, just costs a little more. Most folks...
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    Opening Side Windows - Renault Master Not sure about rear and their opening size might not be big enough for you but worth a look and a phone call, perhaps. Seem to have a decent reputation. Andy.
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    Shower claddings and showers hoses!

    I was hoping my master doors would quieten down after insulating. At the moment the van is still very bare, so they do clatter a bit over the bumpier bumps. Trouble is whenever I get someone else to drive when I stand in the back listening, the only things I hear rattling are my knees..
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    Solar fixings and spoiler

    Yacht deck hatches - I'd forgotten about those, thanks for reminding. And I seem to remember that with some you can open them in any position? @Darcar, did you find any like that? Andy.
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    Planning for insulation

    Duct tape yes, but over the rubber door seals consider masking tape instead as there's less change you'll damage the seals when you pull it off. It was Adam at MPI that suggested that to me.. And consider something stronger like duct-tape and cardboard over anything precious (like windows, etc)...
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    Wow! Had no idea there would be the chance to go to weddings like that in a camper van. Might throw out the spare tyre and jack to make room for my 3-piece, dancing shoes and brylcreem. Only been to Gdansk and only once, back in '75. Might have to go back after seeing these. Sounds like you're...