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    Bye all thanks for your inputs

    Looking good!
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    A Transit in East Yorkshire

    Hi Mat and Mel and welcome along. I’m liking your van, well done! You’ve certainly used it too... happy travels, Stevie
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    Fridge needed.

    Have you tried any of the caravan breakers?
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    How do!

    @egg-fried-rice Haha! Will do when the weather’s behaving!
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    @Cosmic Ray Hi and welcome along. I’ve just finished a xlwb sprinter and had originally intended for the cold water tank (70 litre) and two big batteries to sit above the back axle under the bed platform. I soon realised that I needed to move weight forward to balance the vehicles stance, so...
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    How do!

    @CarlHooper Hi and welcome along. Just finished a cheapo xlwb sprinter myself.
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    @Eaglestar Hi and welcome!
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    Best place to find a van

    Remember you can check any vehicles mot history here: Good luck with your hunt for a van!
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    Home made diy loo , cheapest practical solution

    Very impressive! A good bit of old fashioned solution solving.
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    Small van, high roof, sofa bed installation

    Hi and welcome along. The Nissan NV200 vans are good value and you’ll have more space than with the other vans. I’ve seen a number converted and all have looked good. Basic rule of thumb, build the bed base at seat height, sounds obvious, makes the inside useable for socialising, eating...
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    What bed ?

    Ah, crossed messages with e-f-r, we’re both of a similar mind.
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    What bed ?

    Ah, having to decide, can be a bit of a bugger! I guess it’s all about space and how tall you are... can you sleep sideways across the van? Do you want your seating area by the door so you can watch the world go by, or happy to be sat towards the back of the van? I’ve said on here a number of...
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    Rivet nuts

    Yes is the answer. I’ve seen fiamma brackets fitted with riv nuts to a high roof 2010 sprinter in the gully on the top of the roof. Maybe best to ensure the brackets are located on or near the internal roof ribs.
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    Its over

    Oh dear, that’s a bit of a bugger. Keep looking and prioritise finding some thing that isn’t rotten. A guy I know bought an ex fire service ldv van with under 20k miles for not a lot of money. If you have a base motor that’s sorted, you can spend time on the interior, a lot easier than welding...
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    Hi @Dava and welcome to the forum. Don’t be put off doing a build by a perceived lack of experience! If you’ve got basic diy skills, you’re well on your way. Consider what you want to build, hi end, a cheapie or something in between. There’s a wealth of info on this site and the internet is...