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    For Sale Porthole windows

    They’re double glazed, with a window out and in. In two half’s and screw together. They have a seal on the outer window. They’ll fit wall thickness from 39mm to 53mm.
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    For Sale Porthole windows

    I’ve two polycarbonate porthole windows in my van. When I tried to buy another pair for the back doors, I couldn’t find any. After much searching I’ve found some, though I have to buy six. So I’ll have four spare when they arrive. If anyone’s interested, please pm me for more info. I’m not sure...
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    Transit Self Build

    It’s looking good, great progress. I actually enjoyed fitting the windows.....
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    Sprinter 4x4 expert needed. Won't engage.

    On the earlier model sprinter there’s an actuator of the gearbox for 4wd, we had a number fail on 4x4 ambulances. I remember the mechanic saying it was an easy part replace, bolted to the outside of the gearbox. Hope it helps!
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    Transit Self Build

    That’s starting to come together! Looking good!
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    Newbie from Stoke

    Looking very smart indeed!
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    Levelling the land

    Exactly as I did, especially with the sprinter body tapering both vertically and horizontally!
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    dvla read up

    Being a government body you can ask for a Judicial Enquiry. Apparently this means they will probably just give in, better than 95% chance....
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    New build

    Chemical dehumidifiers can be useful during winter storage.
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    dvla read up

    The dvla guidance implies that one side of the van doesn’t need windows, that would then make it look exactly like, er, a van from that side. Thus, in their eyes all counting towards your van not looking like a camper in traffic. D= driver V= vehicle L= loneytunes A= advice...
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    New build

    Looking good! Keep the photos coming!
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    Hi all.

    Welcome! That’s quite a Christmas pressie!
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    DVLA Complete cock up

    Very well done! You must feel great, you beat the system!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    New to van conversion

    Hi and welcome to the forum. The beauty of self build is you can have what you want. Sounds simple, do work out what’s negotiable and what isn’t, then plan, plan, plan and plan some more! It’s a lot of fun and you end up with something unique. Good luck and enjoy! Stevie