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    Updated Conversion Regs From 21 October 19. Graphics And Awning Now Required.

    Deffo two windows on one side as a minimum. A couple of little narrow windows high up would not pass. It needs to look like a camper/motor home. This after a conversation with a traffic cop. I think I mentioned an earlier chat I had with the same guy some months ago in an older thread. It’s...
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    Transporting a motorcycle CRF 250L ..... Cate Motorcycle rack

    Btw, have you got a reversing camera?.........
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    On your marks, get set.......... Enjoy!
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    House truck build diary!

    Well done!
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    House truck build diary!

    Enjoying the diary, good luck with the MOT!
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    Van now stripped out, Needing advice

    If you be got a good local joiner or cabinet maker, ask for a quote. Or bite the bullet and have a go yourself! I think if you can find a local guy, it’ll be the best way to go. There are companies advertising pre built cupboards, the ones I saw were Mdf and were heavy and crap. Good luck! Stevie
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    Ford tourneo custom newbie

    Hi and welcome. Can’t advise on the best roof I’m afraid. It’s all about the plan. Needs and wants. Work out what you need, the things that aren’t tradable, then work the wants around that. Make use of every bit of space for storage. When I had a VW Transporter camper, I had a van tent that...
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    House truck build diary!

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    Luton vans.

    If I ever build another van, it’s going to be a Luton....
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    Luton vans.

    If I ever build another van, it’s going to be a Luton....
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    Newbie van choice

    Hi Jim, what have you used to line your bathroom? Thanks, Stevie
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    This beats a Luton...

    Spotted this Motorcraft 8x8 MAN camper in Bettyhill on the north coast last week. I guess, if you had that sort of money, you just couldn’t not have one.....
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    Luton vans.

    Good question. I guess the height must put some folk off, or perhaps the look? I suppose that had a Luton come my way, I might have considered one. Tbh, never considered one, why? I don’t know. There you go, my contribution is of no use in finding an answer!