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    Help me please.

    Hi David, sorry, I wasn’t trying to confuse matters! Stevie
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    Newbie here Essex

    Welcome to the forum. Couldn’t be further away if I tried, hi anyway! Plenty to read up on here to pint you in the right direction, good luck with your project! Stevie
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    Help me please.

    Hi Jamie and welcome to the forum. As David has pointed out above, the most popular vans by far are the Seval vans, for the reasons mentioned. This said, there are others out there. I have a xlwb sprinter, for no other reason than I wanted an xlwb van with plenty of headroom and I’ve known the...
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    Newbie Introduction

    Oh, I live up a rough steep track, no problem for the sprinter!
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    Newbie Introduction

    I found my van for £2500, spent money on 2x100w solar panels, a pair of half decent batteries, a compressor fridge, a fiamma water tank, a shurflo pump and a big sink. Body wise, three heavily discounted seitz windows, one piece of bonded glass, two fiamma turbo roof vents and a pair of cheap...
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    Bladder Tanks

    I imagine bladder tanks might be difficult to clean? I’ve seen them used for fuel applications before, not for water...
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    Newbie Introduction

    Hi and welcome to the forum. My brother has just ordered a new fiat based panel van conversion that’s well north of £60k! My rough and ready sprinter is nearing completion, hope it won’t come in at much over £6! Good luck, happy planning! Stevie
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    Can I run my ideas past you?

    The big Iveco panel van is about all there’s is now, occasionally clean low mileage Mercedes Vario com e on the market, but they make very big money. There was one recently on eBay that was the thick end of 30k. Planning is everything. Also, consider that specialist light weight materials are...
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    Van Advice

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Difficult one this, all to their own really. I imagine the two vans you’ve mentioned are quite different on price? I have a sprinter, only because I wanted a long tall van. My requirements were enough room for a fitted king size bed and enough height for my 6’4’...
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    My electrical help thread

    I couldn’t agree more. A bit of old school testing to make sure everything is as it should be, safest way. Someone gave me a mains to 12v dc bench transformer years ago, I test every cable with a bulb, simple but sure.
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    Fiamma roof fan

    Glad you got it sorted Pete. Don’t worry, the making of blindingly obvious mistakes has become something of a skill for me in recent years.... Stevie
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    Fiamma roof fan

    Hi, it’s a three position switch with off being the centre position. When I got mine, the switch was connected to the fan with just the power cable needing connecting to the switch, all worked fine from first connect. Daft question, but are all the cables connected? Stevie
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    My electrical help thread

    Haha! If you’ve got everything in one go, buy a lottery ticket! However well I’ve planned, I’ve always ended up having missed something. There again, it could be my advancing years.... who am I?......
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    Pull out bed

    Hi Greg, Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your video. I built an almost identical bed in my last T4. I’d built a rock and roll bed in a previous van using a pair of hinges from JK. It was such a faff and meant the van became unusable for carrying anything long, I built the pull out...