Totally bonkers VAT rules on cavity wall insulation!!

Discussion in 'Under The Awning' started by Buzzy Beans, Jan 29, 2018.

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    I nseem to remember that those boards were called Paramount partitions and were used as internal stud walling to enable maximum room sizes. I was not aware that it may have been used to line the inside of external walls, but if it was I am sure it would act as good insulation. Geoff.
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    Thats interesting Geoff I never knew the name of them they are also used as you say on the interior room walls they are extremely rigid and sound insulating as well. "the paper thin walls" of legends! some people have made arch ways in them to the next room and have done it with the carving knife!
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    I may be a little late posting a reply as I have only just joined, however, several points, even if you are in a conservation area, if proposed works are to rear of property and cannot easily be seen from the road you will probably be okay to make alterations. Used to live 4 or 5 miles from Isaac and from what I remember it is mostly limestone as opposed to sandstone? Which brings me on to next point, different types of stone have different densities/porosity, recent research has shown that some stone with greater porosity ( more tiny air spaces) have a greater insulation value. Next point, insulation is always preferable on the outside of a wall although you will still have to fill the cavity. A mine of good information is SPAB ( Society for the protection of ancient buildings) a non profit organisation, also Historic Scotland. As important as insulation is airtightness, and even more important is ventilation. Gone are the days when chucking a bit of fibreglass in was good enough. Hope this has been of some help, I am retired now but if I can be of any further help I am
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    happy to do so. Yet another marble dropped out!
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    Many thanks for your thoughts Guy, I will look into them.


    ps. how about saying hello to us all in the introductions area?
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    My name is John Clark and I am an alcoholic:)
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    Gen up so you don't sound thick, then print off a purchase order ;) ;) put a vat number on it, pay the 5%

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