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Discussion in 'Base Vehicles' started by Claire, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Hi there everyone, I have a minuscule budget for my van and so need to travel far and wide (it appears) to find anything suitable. I have found 4 that look suitable (2 Movano's one Renault Ambulance and one Iveco) and put them into a document (with links to the ad). Would anyone be so kind as to take a look and give me an opinion before I head off around the country in search of my holy grail! The top line of the document in Green is an ideal example of what I'm looking for btw :) TIA

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    I'm a fan of the Iveco Daily - which is why I've got one. So I'd give the one in your list serious consideration. It meets a lot of your criteria. It's 120bhp (actually 116) and is the right size and price. It's got the highest mileage, but these engines go on for ever. It's also rwd, which will be best for you on unmade tracks. But it will also have holes in the roof and rear door from the ladder and rack, which are possible sources of future rust. And, judging by the state of of the load area, it's had hard use. So probably employee driven.

    The white Movano is the newest and has the lowest mileage. It's a newer shape than the other one and at first glance is probably the best buy. But, again, it's got holes in the roof, a dink in the side and all the fittings inside will have to be stripped out so that you can insulate. You may want to take out the bulkhead, too. And it's above your price range.

    The other Movano is the oldest of the three. It's got a dink in the right hand panel, but this is a fairly easy repair. Or you could put a window there. It's six speed (was the other one?) and has average mileage. As you say, you could sell the rear seats. The load area has some stains, but the rear seats suggest it was used for carrying people more than cargo. It's a little underpowered at 99bhp but you won't be able to go that fast when going cross country and, like the other one, is fwd. But it's the least expensive of the three.

    So, if I had to make a choice of one of those three, it would be the silver Movano. Price is the major consideration and what you don't spend on the purchase of the van, you can spend on the conversion.

    Please bear in mind that I am in no way qualified to make any authoritative judgements or recommendations. Any seller who has nothing to hide will not object to their van being inspected by the AA (do they still do that?) or someone similar. A tame mechanic may be helpful to you.

    Again, just some thoughts.
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    cheers Chris , i'd have liked to help , but i'm interiors only i'm afraid

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