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Discussion in 'Under The Awning' started by Buzzy Beans, Jun 16, 2018.

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    Just returned from a stunning long weekend in Derbyshire which was made even more brilliant by the continuing heat wave weather spent mostly at an amazing CL @ only £5 a night overlooking Carsington Water.
    My pleasures were increased enormously when I popped into the Barley Mow Inn in Kirk Ireton.
    I doubt very much if there are more than a handful of pubs like this left in the entire UK, what with superb draft beer poured out of a jug at only £3.50 a pint, no music just a bar full of friendly walkers who were all enjoying quiet conversations with the utterly amazing land lady who must be well into her 80's if not even older.

    But now I am returned, thank goodness my Andy Pandy videos have arrived, they at least give me something worth while watching tonight!

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    88D3FAA2-B282-4C15-B1FE-4942B482ABA9.jpeg D16414A4-18E7-4850-B3A4-75F0DAA71C1C.jpeg We’ve spent the last couple of nights at Durdle Door, and Lulworth cove,
    With no WiFi..... woohoo, so didn’t even know the score until travelling home this morning.. beautiful spot.

    This full size coach turned up with about 18 people onboard, traveling in the coach seats & sleeping in the rear in a 3foot square 6 foot long bunk ! They all Mucked in with cooking etc.. from Germany. Noise bunch tho.
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