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  1. Buzzy Beans

    Buzzy Beans Well-Known Member

    As most of you will know I am a very firm advocate of spray foam lining the insides of our vans and until very recently I always praised the services of a certain company located in Bolton, indeed I had ‘Millie’ foamed there following which I was more than a little bit naffed off with the amount of time it took me to cut back all of the overspray etc. as I know many people have.

    Until quite recently I thought this kind of finish was the norm and then I met Jake & Danny the owners/proprietors of One Insulation whom I had selected to undertake the cavity wall insulation of parts of my house. It was whilst they were here I happened to look inside their van and noticed the almost mirror smooth foam sprayed on the roof section. This got me talking to both Jake and Danny about the various services they offer to their ever widening customer base the end of which resulted in me negotiating a very special discounted rate for members of diymotorhome.co.uk!

    If any of you would like to take up their services, I can assure you, from my experience they are amongst the most conscientious, fastidiously clean and technically exacting professionals I have ever met and quite unlike any other spray foamers I have watched, Jake and Danny are constantly taking material temperature readings so as to ensure the evenness' of the finished result which is no doubt why the finish of the roof section inside their vans roof was almost mirror smooth.

    The rate I have negotiated for diymotorhome.co.uk is £13 per sq. mtr. + VAT

    This is for a van to be supplied to their premises in Sheffield with all the masking and blanking off all undertaken (as detailed in other threads on this subject) with the work being carried out at their premises in Sheffield.

    Their contact details are: -

    Website: https://www.oneinsulation.co.uk/
    Phone: 0114 208 6108
    Address: One Insulation, Unit 221D, Solpro Business Park, Windsor Street, Sheffield. S4 7WB
    email: jake@one-insulation.co.uk
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  2. roadliner

    roadliner Well-Known Member

    That sounds a good price. I think I will give that a go as I am only 7 miles from them. Have only done about 3 square metres of insulation on the one wall (easily taken out). Did not know they were there. Thanks for the info. Dave.
  3. Kermavio

    Kermavio Well-Known Member

    Blimey, that's good. My Daily xlwb is a big van, so roughly £550 including VAT to do something that size would be a very good price. That didn't include the floor. It's only a little more than it cost me to do my own. Good deal done, Phil.

    Will there be a members discounts page somewhere?
  4. GEOFF

    GEOFF Well-Known Member

    Well done Phil (Buzzy) and thanks. Geoff
  5. time4t

    time4t Well-Known Member

    Nice one Phil, good on yer for thinking about the future membership of our now not so little community!

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  6. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    Well done, phil.
    I’m a fan of spray foam insulation as well, it makes such a difference in a van, I’d recommend it to anyone who will listen,
  7. Groyne

    Groyne Well-Known Member

    Always nice to know for the next van.:hushedface:
  8. iansum

    iansum Member

    Thanks for that Phil. I will be staring my first and hope only self build in october, new boxer now ordered. Would love to know the pros and cons from you guys about spray foam. With this offer Phil has organised i think the price will not be a con anymore.
  9. pandj

    pandj Well-Known Member

    Nice one Phil. Shame they're so far from me.
  10. richard james

    richard james New Member

    please make sure the foam being sprayed in your vans is class 1 fire rated and closed cell , ask to see relevant data sheets for material being used.
  11. Buzzy Beans

    Buzzy Beans Well-Known Member

    Rest assured, the company listed here is out of the top drawer.

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