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Discussion in 'Interior Construction' started by Spooky_b329, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Spooky_b329

    Spooky_b329 Well-Known Member

    Well after a year of doing absolutely nothing to my van due to a very stressful and busy 15 months at work, I am trying to get back into it and finish the conversion!

    I have spent a few days staring and pondering, tidied the garage, done some more staring, repaired a seized brake caliper, tidied the shed, a bit more staring and have now concluded that I'm not really happy with my 50% completed kitchen unit, and the remaining 50% is above my skill level and I need to simplify things. Irritating due to the time and effort sunk into the existing unit.

    Basically, it would need three large drawers at the front that are also curved, and perfectly formed to match each other and the width of the unit. Who am I kidding, I'm never going to manage that!

    So if anyone wants to share photos of their kitchen units/pods, please fire away. I think I'm going to dispense with all drawers as they are so complex/fiddly to build, and return to cupboard doors and shelves. Probably a single sheet of ply with the doors cut from the same sheet and refitted so the style matches the toilet opposite.
  2. VanNV

    VanNV Well-Known Member

    Work in progress, but I have kept mine pretty square and simple. Louvred doors from B and Q which help with a bit of air circulation, the doors on the high-level cupboards will be a bit of 3mm ply with a frame glued to the front to stiffen them and make them look a little bit more interesting.

    I will make a cutlery drawer - essential IMHO - but it will be inside the cupboard so doesn't have to have to be beautiful.


    ETA - will also hang a false bottom underneath the high cupboards for a couple of down-lighters/spots and a spice rack

  3. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    Mine's very much at the concept stage:

  4. roadliner

    roadliner Well-Known Member

    Approve of the wine rack!!!
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  5. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's staying... ;)
  6. mr brown

    mr brown Well-Known Member

    i'll do a couple of pics soon , but i'm convinced from experience that 2 drawers are vital, one for cutlery and the other for '' stuff''. forgetting the curved front business, drawers aren't hard to make, 4 bits of ply , a base and a front.
  7. Spooky_b329

    Spooky_b329 Well-Known Member

    Thanks hindsight, yes drawers are really useful. (and I do have three half decent drawers that took ages to get right) I came out this morning to remove the kitchen but I find myself sitting here wondering how to rescue the existing efforts. (after all, I am meant to be finishing the van, not going backwards!)

    I reckon I could do a fixed curved front but not sure how I would get good access to the fixed shelves inside; a door on the remaining flat face wouldn't really work as the double seat is a bit close, cubby holes might work but sort of spoils it visually. Or I could try and do the curved front and then slice it vertically down the middle and hinge it. I can't hinge the whole front as it would hit the sliding door when opened.

    (the existing bent ply is just a bit of scrap, the idea is to have it flush with the outside of the carcass...)
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  8. Spooky_b329

    Spooky_b329 Well-Known Member

    OK we have some progress...fixed curved front and I've worked out I can do a door in the flat face opposite the double seat. I've realised my 3mm ply is not really up to bending so have splashed out on a proper sheet of bendy plywood so no going back now!
  9. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    If you laminate the ply, you could do a curved door :

    (I did try something similar with normal ply, but the radius was much too tight - about 100mm! I ended up making an octagon instead.)
  10. RayF

    RayF Well-Known Member

    If that "safe" is destined to stay you may want to take look at this before you place too much trust in it.....
  11. Buzzy Beans

    Buzzy Beans Well-Known Member

    From day '1' I/we decided draws were a no-go for us as they are a source of rattles as well as numerous other reasons.
    So instead for us, and as we are both haters of anything that rattles, shakes or vibrates we made three separate compartmented rolls out of a heavy duty fabric, one for cutlery, one for kitchen utensils and one for BBQ utensils. They work a treat and are completely rattle free.

    So for my kitchen it was my heavy duty frame construction made from sanded down 25 x 50 roofing laths faced with lightweight 4mm oak ply which I finished with satin varnish.


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  12. Vanish9876

    Vanish9876 Well-Known Member

    Full width kitchen in our van. Has a cutlery drawer which the rubber stop puts pressure against the door to stop any rattling.
    IMG_20180613_152035.jpg IMG_20180613_152105.jpg
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  13. Fran Loake

    Fran Loake Well-Known Member

    20180310_105149.jpg Pretty standard arrangement for me. We use the small cubby, that you can just spot, just above the sliding door for cutlery and have a drawer for pots and pans below the oven. The recess above the oven is actually a step to help climb into bed.
    Spooky I like your curved section. I'd be tempted to make the whole curved piece below the sink pull out on drawer runners. You would need a good catch to hold it shut when braking though.

    Whatever you do, post some pictures to show :)


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  14. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the mess but we’re halfway through doing dinner!
    I’m not a good enough carpenter so I buy units and adapt to fit. Our kitchen is a oak sideboard with the top swapped for a bit of worktop.

  15. Liberty hall

    Liberty hall Well-Known Member

    Is that a teapot I spy!, enjoy Cornwall by the way
    Take care
  16. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    It's staying - I know the mechanism is Mickey Mouse. It's somewhere semi-secure to put a laptop and/or camera. I might replace the mechanism with a mortise lock, or even a bolt and padlock, even just to stop the blasted thing rattling! I look at it as £30 quid for a welded metal box; security extra.

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