Relay (sevel) floor plan

Discussion in 'Planning and Design' started by Vanish9876, Jun 27, 2018.

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    Hi all. I'm currently saving up the penny's towards buying a new van. I fancy doing another conversion, and have decided that I'd like to get (most probably) a Relay as they seem to be more readily available and slightly lower on cost. The size will need to be an L4 as it's going to be a four berth the same as my current van, but I want to fit more in this time around. Also it needs to be H3 as I'm 6'4" and a H2 just doesn't cut it. So I've got a good few months of saving to do, and in the meantime I decided I might as well get the initial planning out of the way. So if anyone have an accurate floor plan of a Relay L4 H3, showing the position of wheel arches, position of sliding door opening etc, and they could share that with me if be very grateful

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