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    Hi, I’m Vic (my Monica on a couple of other motorhome sites is
    ‘vicdicdoc’ )
    We’ve had a variety of m/homes over the last 14 or so years, from an old Machzone, a swift & finally a perfect Hymer E510 which we had for over 10yrs & travelled all over UK, France,Italy & down to Spain (for some warmth during winter) but for various reasons we sold it a couple of years ago - then we began to miss the freedom of time away & got fed up with going B&B’s, so when we stumbled across a three quarters finished 2 berth 2007 LWB Citroen Relay we jumped (without too much thought).
    It needs some work doing to finish & ‘personalise’ to our liking but I’m an “enthusiastic DIY’er & needed something to keep me happy since I retired from being a fire officer .
    I’m no doubt going to be pestering you all for answers to my questions & queries, so be prepared
  2. fifthwheel

    fifthwheel Well-Known Member

    Welcome Vic and good luck with your build. john
  3. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    Good luck :)

    You’re brave taking on somebody else’s project :D

  4. Liberty hall

    Liberty hall Well-Known Member

    Hello Vic
    And welcome all the very best with the project and don’t worry about pestering us I’ve done plenty of that
  5. Buzzy Beans

    Buzzy Beans Well-Known Member

    Hello again Vic, good to see you here on our oh so diymotorhome user friendly site.

    It sounds to me that you like touring at all times of the year, so before you go any further, it might be worth your while to check how good the installation of the insulation is.

    All the best

  6. VanNV

    VanNV Well-Known Member

    Hi Vic, and welcome

    Be interested to hear how you get on - I have often wondered why someone would abandon half-way through (and often wondered about abandoning mine...:rolleyes:)
  7. Kermavio

    Kermavio Well-Known Member

    Hi Vic and welcome to the forum.

    Whatever question you need to ask, we have such a wide knowledge base on here that someone will have an answer to it. And probably many more. Which will often conflict!

    Which shows that there is more than one way of doing most things and there is no definitive method. Apart, perhaps, from the electrics when deviating from the norm may have fizzy results. And there are even people on here who understand that deeply mysterious art.

    Good luck with your build.
  8. time4t

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    Hi Vic & welcome to the forum.

    Pester away, it's what this forum's all about:).

  9. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the friendly forum..

    Taking on a part build brings it’s own problems, as there won’t be any instructions!
    However you do usely get a good deal which makes sense, if you’re van came with all the expensive necessary items, eg water heater, cooker,fridge,windows etc.
    Good luck with your rebuilding and please post some pictures..
  10. vicdicdoc

    vicdicdoc Member

    Work has started on modifying the 22" x 22" square shower, it's not the small size that's the prob, it's that the 'porta pottie has been sited sitting in the shower base, so if we wanted to shower - you'd have to actually sit on it (closed of course) - not for me! So after some brainstorming I decided to cut a sliding hatch in the rear wall of the shower & fabricate an enclosed partition under the bench seat behind the shower & mount the loo on a pair of heavy duty sliding drawer runners - which (surprisingly) does the job of sliding out when the loo needs using & slide back under the seat when we want too (stand up) to have a shower, I just got to figure out a way to ensure no water drips out of the shower & into the partitioned loo housing.
    Then I want to change out the crappy 2 burner gas hob unit which as seen better days & rebuild the under counter to put in a 'kampa' oven & hob: now I know the instructions booklet says NOT use use in a confined space, I can think of no reason why it couldn't be incorporated,- common sense tells me I need to cut & fit a couple of air vents in the van wall high & low to dissipate and cooking fumes, can anyone offer advice on yes no to fitting it? And what would you advise to use as extra insulation around the oven to reduce any radiant heat (I think a small fridge will possibly be housed next to oven) Rockwool, asbestos sheeting or what ?
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  11. Pudsey Bear

    Pudsey Bear Well-Known Member

    Hi Vic, and welcome, I know the handle from way back, but not sure where from.
  12. vicdicdoc

    vicdicdoc Member

  13. Pudsey Bear

    Pudsey Bear Well-Known Member

    Ah, thanks, a shadow of it's former self, I'm still on there, but have my own forum as well now.

  14. vicdicdoc

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    Kev, I don’t subscribe- just lurke & read the posts, the site has gone right down since being taken over by VS.
  15. Pudsey Bear

    Pudsey Bear Well-Known Member

    Not half.

    I've not subscribed for 2 years, but still post.

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