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  1. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of using a SMEV combined sink / hob unit (9722) and want to use the space under the hob for food storage & possibly have some electrics right down at the bottom.

    As far as I can see, the most obvious way of meeting the requirement for a drop-out would be to leave the internals of the unit relatively open and to put a vent in the van floor underneath everything.

    But - this would mean draughts from the dropout coming through the cupboard doors, and doesn't sit well with having electrics down there...

    Do you think it would be worth putting a horizontal divider under the hob (only) to seal if off from the lower part of the unit and running a pipe from the van floor up to a dropout in this divider / shelf?

    Hopefully you can understand what I mean - any better ideas?


  2. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    I’v got a cupboard under my 3way fridge, we’ve got a dropout vent piped through the van floor. I think that as long as the pipe is vertical it will be fine.
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  3. david.c.hall

    david.c.hall Well-Known Member

    I put my drop out out through the side, as you can see just behind the SLD.
    It's at the bottom of a sealed enclosure.
  4. VanNV

    VanNV Well-Known Member

    I have just read a long and informative thread here about gas-dropouts and - this is just my opinion - it sounds like you might be overthinking it, BUT I can see the merit in your proposal.

    Personally I will have a drain from the gas-cylinder holder and fit a small tube out through a skin fitting but shan't be fitting any holes in the floor for mice, bugs, fumes, and draughts to get in!

    I have never had a drop-out in any of my boats (for obvious reasons). The gas is a fluid and so, in a van, would flow out through a door... To be fair I am only planning one single gas appliance (two burner hob) which will be right by the sliding door. I shall fit a bubble tester, and the gas is only ever on at the regulator whilst in use.
  5. david.c.hall

    david.c.hall Well-Known Member

    I quite understand your point about dropouts in the floor.
    In 1998 we bought a shiny new Elddis coachbuilt, and fortunately we took it out before putting anything in it, on a very rainy day.
    When we got home the floor was awash because of various vents and dropouts in the floor ( 6, I seem to remember)
    I blocked up 4 of them and put shields over the other 2.
    Current van only has them in the sides.
  6. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    I’d not dismiss the benefits of the dropout vents so lightly...

    I do agree that they don’t need to be big holes but I do think it’s good practice to have them under your fridge, cooker and heaters. Also if you are having a gas locker.

    We have a 20mm fitting through the floor with a fine stainless wire mesh over it. So no creepy crawlys getting in, & because It’s a couple of inches below the floor no drafts or water either.
  7. listerdiesel

    listerdiesel Well-Known Member Deceased RIP

    We put five 75mm cutouts under our fridge and cooker, you have really got issues if that won't cope with a bit of stray gas :)



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  8. misterg

    misterg Well-Known Member

    Thank you gents...

    I do intend to fit a dropout for the hob. I think will try and seal the hob from the unit underneath, but will either leave a gap behind the rear panel of the unit which can lead to a dropout in the floor, or possibly completely seal under the hob and lead a hose from there through the floor.

    I don't intend going for any more than the minimum size (~20mm dia??).

    (I will also have a gas locker and that will have the full monty vents, but also a sealed door so that it can't cause draughts).
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  9. Chris51

    Chris51 Member

    Dropouts also add a bit of ventilation in the cupboards etc.
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