Ford Transit Minibus Base Van Advice please!!!

Discussion in 'General Self Build Chat' started by Claire, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Pudsey Bear

    Pudsey Bear Well-Known Member

    I'm probably a bit out of touch on prices these days, I'd have bid at it anyway a good bit less than that, I never pay to asking price on any vehicle.
  2. mr brown

    mr brown Well-Known Member

    i've got a sprinter MWB and there's plenty of room for a loo, but i'm envious of my daughter's ambulance.
    double back doors with windows, side hab door , amazingly well insulated , LB and split charge set up , 2 large roof hatches, air suspension [lovely ride on tracks ,5kw webasto heater, nice square walls , easy for fitting out etc etc . just under 3 grand
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  3. Claire

    Claire Member

    Hi Dave, I've been mulling this over and I wonder if you could expand on this at all? The Movano, is 2.4 and 6 speed but only 100hp, does that mean the engine would be further stressed?
  4. Claire

    Claire Member

    This is great advice Phil, thankyou, very helpful! I can increase the budget, up to £3000 max I should say, it just takes away the money for the build so I would have to be more creative with how I source and build things.... that's doable tho. I've actually found a Movano 2005 with a corrosion free MOT for £2000 that looks like it could be good - assuming it's not been sold alread as 90% of vans advertised seem to be haha
  5. Claire

    Claire Member

  6. Claire

    Claire Member

    A huge thank you to everyone for your advice and the warm welcome :D
  7. roadliner

    roadliner Well-Known Member

    Movano is a better van in my opinion. Generally the lower the BHP is the less stressed the engine is. It,s basically a trade of between performance and longevity. 6 speed box is usually a good option if poss. Hope this helps but of course it is only my opinion. Dave
  8. Claire

    Claire Member

    Perfect, thanks Dave :)
  9. Buzzy Beans

    Buzzy Beans Well-Known Member

    @Claire as you do have an exceptionally tight budget, it might be worth starting a conversation with the singularly most amazing mr brown, look him up on the members lists.
    The reason why I suggest this is that he has built more vans than almost anyone else on planet earth and has always managed somehow to do it for absolute peanuts, he lives in the Bristol area and I know he almost always goes out of his way to give as much help as he possibly can.

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  10. Darcar

    Darcar Well-Known Member

    Hi & welcome to the forum.
    I’m going to stick up for the tranny....
    I’ve only converted one and sold it to a mate, who has used it pretty much full time for 3 years! They love it. YES they do rust, you do have to keep on top of that. He’s had to have welding done for this mot. But it’s a 2004 van lives by the sea.
    I’m not a fan of the minibus to convert for all the reasons that have been listed.
    But if you find a good transit and are prepared to look after it they are a good van. Cheap for parts and plentiful for second hand bits.

    Good luck with your search and build.
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  11. Claire

    Claire Member

    Thanks once again for the advice, I've started a new thread with some vans I have found - with the link's to them if anyone would like to take a look... Interestingly, there isn't a transit on the list haha... :D

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