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    hi self builders, i have fitted the sargent ec160 power control unit which has a built in split charger, and what i need to know is how to wire it up to run the 12v 3way fridge, i assume from vb to vb on unit but what goes to fridge in on the connecter, do i still need another split charger or is this the d+ input, and also will my van have a d+ on the alternator, if not where do i pick this up from, the more i read the more confused im getting, you guys have done it all before so hoping some one will be able to help, thanks graham.
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    Hi Graham,

    I think the Sargent 160 is similar to the EC 328 as far as the fridge is concerned, the D+ signal operates a relay ( A seperate relay )on the activation cct of the relay which once activated by the D+ closes the high ampage side to the fridge. The fridge side of the relay is best connected to your LB as this should be being charged all the time the alternator is providing the D+ signal, it can of course be connect to the VB but if there was ever a problem with the relay going closed cct the VB is vulnerable to being flattened very quickly. If you have a builders socket you can easily pick up the D+ signal from there. Phil
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    Is cct short for circuit?
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    Yes sorry should really put down things as they are called. Phil
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    Had to find a D+ myself recently and was advised to either use the ciggie lighter in rear pillar, or do this:
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    If the converter's socket is in the bottom of the driver's side B pillar, there's an ignition on signal in the top left hole of the big connector IIRC - if interested I can take a picture to show you which one.

    There is also a D+ signal on that connector, BUT it is designed to switch a relay, so it connects to ground when the alternator is charging, rather than going to 12V. You can use this to generate a "normal" D+ signal, but it needs an additional relay.
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  8. graham

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    hi Phil, thanks for your input, i have today purchased a vsr kit and i intend to route straight to the LB and from LB to fridge in on sargent unit, does this sound right as what you are saying makes good sense,
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  10. graham

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    hi, unfortunately mine is a commercial van without builders socket, i have however purchased a vsr so no need for a d+ [ apparently] i intend taking from relay to LB and then from LB to fridge in on sargent unit, thanks for your input and thank you for your time to try and help. graham.
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    hi, thanks for your advise, i think taking of back of ciggi is a great idea, but ive decided to use a vsr with no need for d+, however thanks again for your quick and very usefull knowledge, some thing to bear in mind on my next one, graham.
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