Cab Blow Heater Problem Citroen Relay

Discussion in 'Base Vehicles' started by Sashadog, Jan 26, 2018.

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    I know this doesnt apply to this thread but fault finding in general. Unless you can be sure you have isolated a unit completely and know what each pin does dont be tempted to test by sending a new supply to it. I am talking about a separate battery with test wires coming from it. A mate did this on a Nissan Micra and fried the ECU. Long story but it ended up the car was scrap, I cant remember all the details but just a friendly warning. john
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  2. jjturner

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    Just done mine, but the wiring had melted so had to change the plug also. Bit of a faff but not worth paying a garage. IIRC the resistor slides to one side before its able to pull out.
    They fail over time due to the heat, so for the hassle I wouldn't recommend getting one from a breakers. You'll end up changing it sooner.
  3. Sashadog

    Sashadog Well-Known Member

    My wireing looks good.
    I have a breakers near me that has a relay broken so I can try it and with no hassell.

    I was thinking maybe that it did slide to one side because I went away from it and when I came back I must have slid it when I was jiggling it unbeknownst to myself because it came out very easy.
  4. Sashadog

    Sashadog Well-Known Member

    A new one is only €30 so have ordered and will have Wednesday..can return if doesn't work..
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    Forgot to update..yep 100% new one did the trick..
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