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  1. SelfBuildRob
    Construction in Progress
    busy as ever,finishing the boxer and planning a renault trafic lwb hi-roof
  3. quilkin
    Just purchased my first van!
  4. Shiny Paul
    Shiny Paul
    Living the dream
  5. automateuk
  6. Viking
    Viking Pugwash
    Good Morning Captain Pugwash,

    regards to wallboards, Oleary at driffield sell boards a lot cheaper than Magnum,
    but more than £13.00 pound a sheet
    1. Pugwash
      Thanks. They charge enough postage to make it more expensive, and I'm too far away to make it easy to collect. I have my wall boards now. I just bought enough extra to make it worth delivery.
      Oct 14, 2017
  7. Chris K
    Chris K
    Hi. Hopefully going to purchase a Ducato soon. I'm fairly nervous about some of the aspects of a self build but looking forward to it.
  8. Chris K
  9. time4t
    !997 ex police 4.6 ton 412 Mercedes Sprinter
  10. time4t
    Making my dreams, reality!
  11. Andy
    Measure once, cut twice - never fails !
  12. Sashadog
    Let Us Not Waste Our Energies Brooading On What We Might Have Got....Let Us Look Upon What It Is We Have Got.. (General Michael Collins)
  13. oldpatchwork
    Scrap Heap Challenge -if it ain't broke fix it till it is
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  14. vwalan
    have fun . its the only way.
  15. BigStevie
    I love the smell of bacon in the morning
  16. Silver sprinter
    Silver sprinter time4t
    Hi, sorry for not getting back, I'm a bit of a numpt with this, so forgive me and il do it again in the future, was always going to use kingspan 25mm floor and 50mm in sides and roof, but can get a free supply of poleyester insulation, and had already looked the r value of it, but was just putting the question out thr,
    1. time4t
      Yeh I know, we're all a bit bizzy & hairbraned at the mo, I'd use what you have, doesn't make any sense to waste it
      May 4, 2017
  17. Dave the Wild Rover
    Dave the Wild Rover
    Currently waist deep in my conversion project.....
  18. adeinbrum
    Newbie builder
  19. david.c.hall
    david.c.hall Kev Behr
    Hi Kev
    It has been suggested (in the other place) that you had a Truma Combi problem.
    My 4e has gone completely dead (no fault lights or anything) and after much checking, cleaning connectors and fuses still dead.
    And then suddenly all OK.
    So now I wait to see what next?
    Any ideas?
    1. Kev Behr
      Kev Behr
      Hi David, did I already reply to this, not been on for a week or three, and just seen the alert.

      Unfortunately I tend to leave Trauma stuff well alone so can't help.


      PM system on here seems very weird though.
      Mar 26, 2017
  20. Stu Gregg
    Stu Gregg
    heheh Hello :)