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  1. Mat
    New to self build in a hgv.
  2. Patrick Galloway
    Patrick Galloway
    It's better to travel by the seat of your pants, than to sit on your seat and pontificate about the world.
  3. Rob risk
    Rob risk
    Mercedes SWB 609d
  4. roadliner
    roadliner dean bradbury
    Agree about the weather. I currently have fridge, toilet, microwave,sink,battery boxes etc. in our dining room!!!!!
  5. Richie
    looking for water tank advice
  6. dean bradbury
    dean bradbury
    Well this weather is slowing things down, building my cupboards in the dining room much to the wife’s disgust!
  7. Ben Seymour
    Ben Seymour Dave the Wild Rover
    Hi Dave, How is the project coming along? I see you stopped posting videos :(
  8. squiffy
    squiffy SuttyPoo
    Did you get that. You put you message in write something box
    Hi there

    I tried to reply via my Peugeot Boxer thread but couldn't. I'm semi-retired and build campervans now.
    Usually around 12 per year on all types of vans.

    Cheers - mike
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  10. dean bradbury
    dean bradbury
    hi, new here, have been working on and off my Iveco iris bus project for 18 months now, its coming together and ready for some posts
  11. Hazlenut
    Planning, planning, planning
  12. SelfBuildRob
    Construction in Progress
    busy as ever,finishing the boxer and planning a renault trafic lwb hi-roof
  14. quilkin
    Just purchased my first van!
  15. Shiny Paul
    Shiny Paul
    Living the dream
  16. automateuk
  17. Viking
    Viking Pugwash
    Good Morning Captain Pugwash,

    regards to wallboards, Oleary at driffield sell boards a lot cheaper than Magnum,
    but more than £13.00 pound a sheet
    1. Pugwash
      Thanks. They charge enough postage to make it more expensive, and I'm too far away to make it easy to collect. I have my wall boards now. I just bought enough extra to make it worth delivery.
      Oct 14, 2017
  18. Chris K
    Chris K
    Hi. Hopefully going to purchase a Ducato soon. I'm fairly nervous about some of the aspects of a self build but looking forward to it.
  19. Chris K
  20. time4t
    !997 ex police 4.6 ton 412 Mercedes Sprinter